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Vieroots: Helping people to 'Live Longer and Stay Younger'

Vieroots Wellness Solutions is a health start-up which is based out of Bengaluru and Kochi. They offer unique products across tech-enabled lifestyle modifications and next-generation supplements. The Chairman and Founder of it are Sajeev Nair, Aditya Narayan is the CEO, VP Sajeev is the COO, and Dr A Sreekumar is the Medical Director.

Mr Nair is a serial entrepreneur and peak performance coach. He leads a team of doctors, health researchers, geneticists, Ayurvedic doctors, dieticians and software engineers. He has over 20 years of experience in marketing wellness products and services. He has created successful ventures like Bramma Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bramma IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd, etc.

He is immensely talented and has worked in different domains like wellness, information technology, direct selling, management consulting, hospitality, etc. He established himself as the inventor of Thought Process Re-engineering (TPR) and has conducted the much acclaimed ‘Rise Up’ conventions for rapid transformation in attitudes and beliefs. He is also a published author. His latest book named “The Making of a Superhuman” is based on bio-hacking science and practice behind Vieroots solutions.

Contributing to Vieroots and reaching new heights of success, Sajeev has been an asset to the industry. In his free time, Sajeev has an inclination towards connecting with nature and likes to invest his energy in helping people to achieve peak performance levels.

Vieroots strive for a healthy fulfilling life by taking charge of their own body and mind through ancient as well as modern wellness concepts. The brand provides world-class research-based products and services to cater for people to live healthy and productive life. They offer solutions to enhance a person’s physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial wellbeing and strive towards a positive outlook towards our health.

About 20 years back he was a part of the marketing department for a wellness supplement company. That is when he started understanding the importance of taking care of one’s health and the factors on which it depends. People usually do not take care of their health unless they are sick. But what people do not understand is how important it is to take care of their health. And this can be done by the means of proper exercise and nutrition.

He himself started giving importance to his own health. In 2003, he with the help of an experienced doctor opened a small wellness start-up. He was tired of the already present fitness industry. He was looking for something which will help people stay healthy in a better way.

Then he came across something where nutrition is based on our genetics. It amazed him. In 2006 he was in the US and came across this. All kinds of food are not good for everybody based on their genes and other factors. Gradually bio-hacking started fascinating me. This is already used in a lot of countries and the whole world is researching further about it. Health and wellness is something everyone should take a step forward towards.

One of the best things about Vieroots is that they offer personalized wellness solutions to everyone. Let that be fitness, nutrition or other bodily requirements. They first take the Client’s Genetic Profile and Metabolic Profile. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, they analyse the data and come up with Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications. Vieroots core products include EPLIMO which is a unique AI-powered personalised wellness app and next-generation natural nutritional supplements.

Bringing the latest technology, Ayurveda and medical researches, we have come up with the best health care. Health care is also about controlling your external factors. There are a lot of genetic diseases which are carried on. We can either make our body healthy enough or at least delay its occurrence. We research cell modification based on genetic analysis and metabolism through which we understand what health issues we have or may have. We combine all this data about an individual and then come up with personalised nutrition, personalised yoga, personalised medicines and other things which will take care of the wellness of our health.

Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty is the equity partner of this brand that promotes long and healthy life. The brand helps people to "Live Longer and Grow Younger".

They are matching global standards to offer their clients the best wellness solutions. They are the most innovative and the first epigenetic solutions company in India. Their aim is to make people aware of their body and mind and promote a healthy lifestyle.

I have linked their website so that you can go through it and order some for yourself. I have also mentioned their Instagram handle so that you can stay updated on the latest offerings.


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