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Wear your personality with BAWSE official

Today we will be speaking about an entirely different fashion collection. We will be speaking about Athleisure, oversized clothing that has created a huge buzz amongst Millennials & Gen Z.

Founded by Mr. Deep Hora, BAWSE Official is not just a brand but a personality you wear.

I'm sure you have already seen their amazing pieces adorned by so many influencers but today, I will walk you through the background story & what makes this brand special. Honestly, if you ask me, a brand is not something that you wear but it is more about the vision and the bigger picture attached to it.

Mr. Deep Hora has an eminent insight into the fabric industry. He has also been an influencer for a pretty long time now. With his deep knowledge of fabrics, he found a pretty big market gap for oversized clothing & Athleisure, and thus his quest for making "BAWSE Official" started. He wanted to use his passion and marketing insight to come up with something that compliments the target audience and becomes a part of their daily life.

Before he started working closely in the market, he was pretty sure that it would be easy to source fabrics in Ludhiana but over time, he realised how no manufacturers could deliver him that quality as well no one of them had the experience & vision in oversized clothing. He then realised and stuck back with his belief that "good things take time" and started building his brand straight up from scratch. Now they have their own manufacturing unit to ensure that all the customers fall in love with their amazing quality & trendy designs.

The second biggest advantage that Mr. Hora had was his knowledge about Instagram and how social media can be leveraged. This helped him to connect with the ideal clientele through Influencers who perfectly depict the brand persona.

In two months of their business, their hoodies created a huge buzz and it was completely sold out. As it was their own manufacturing unit, it was a benefit for them to make more products & sell them in bulk.

Now let me share why I love the brand so much…

I love when an young Entrepreneur finds his way, fixes his problems & never gives up. This unique Entrepreneurial quality is a lesson to all budding entrepreneurs. Secondly, I love how the brand never compromised on quality & ensured to deliver the best. Kudos to the deep knowledge of the Fabrics of Mr. Hora.

Lastly, I love how the brand tends to add a persona element with their clothing that adds more confidence & positivity to an individual wearing it.

"When you wear an outfit from BAWSE Official, you don't just wear a piece of cloth, you wear a personality"

Follow them over their Instagram handle & take a look at their website to place an order now.



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