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YAJY: An Indian extravagance menswear brand from the City of Joy

YAJY by Aditya Jain is an eponymous menswear brand based out of Kolkata. Breaking the barrier of gender stereotypes at the age of just 26, YAJY is centered around providing its benefactors with products that are both interesting and stylish.

Aditya completed his graduation from Techno India, Salt Lake. Aditya for the most part had an inclination towards Fashion. He was very amped up for tidying up in stylish pieces of clothing. Fashion was more of his forte than machines as he comprehended that his calling is in men's design.

"I love to spruce up. It gives me certainty. I feel confident when I dress great. How you spruce up mirrors your standpoint. It shows how genuine you are about yourself" says the 26-year-old Entrepreneur.

Aditya started his menswear blog Looksuave, as his side gig while he was in his late teenagers. Which started as an escape from fatigue and transformed into his full-time business.

Aditya in a little while comprehended that there was a colossal void in the ethnic menswear industry. Accordingly, combining his skills and market opportunity incited the start of YAJY. Aditya was just 22 when he established YAJY.

If you dig deeper into the brand, you can thoroughly fathom that it was undeniably a trademark development. Aditya's sharp mind and his inclination towards design are obvious from the brand feel.

Starting a brand in his mid-twenties was a striking move toward his entrepreneurial excursion which definitely turned out to be extremely encouraging. With positively no conventional schooling in design, starting without any planning was a mind-boggling endeavor. He made his most memorable assortment with only one sewing machine from his home and had only one kaarigar to begin with.

YAJY by Aditya Jain is an Indian lavish menswear style brand known for its contemporary method of managing Indian men's design. The fundamental point is to rethink the Indian menswear space under the high-level domain. This will eventually help the association with setting up a solid groundwork for itself as an extravagant menswear label.

One of the significant USPs of YAJY is the mix of stylish cuts and blueprints. YAJY necessities to permit people to experience what's really the deal with ever-enduring and commendable Indian style.

For any business to break through the resistance, being creative in its methodology is critical. They are a redone-style house and can make prohibitive clothing for any man irrespective of their age, shape, and size. Their superior and immaculate craftsmanship alongside top-notch quality helps them to make an effect on their interest group.

YAJY by Aditya Jain has zeroed in on giving their patrons products that are both selective and remarkable. Another word is that they base on various clothing lines taking unique consideration of masses and classes. Their dominating craftsmanship and quality help them stand out from their competitors. The different SKUs which the brand has are Kurtas, Nehru coats, Indo western, Sherwani, and Tuxedos. From the monetary viewpoint, it has all the earmarks of being truly affordable for men's extravagance wear.

YAJY imagines being the World's best Indian excessive menswear brand. They expect to rethink the space of Indian menswear in the state-of-the-art area. As the goal is to go around the world, they are persistently endeavoring to stay aware of, increase what is happening and build up the market among the design goliaths. YAJY wishes to empower headway and plans to provide perfect consumer loyalty.

"For me, YAJY resembles an embodiment of Indian extravagance and is a mark of fashion. My point is to make YAJY a universally famous Indian extravagance menswear brand" says Aditya.

YAJY has tie-ups with Multi configuration stores that serve their pieces around the world. YAJY is also meandering into the web business industry to intensify its effort and detectable quality. They furthermore plan to dramatically expand their number of outlets by Q4 of 2023.

I have linked the website so you can look at their assortment. I'm similarly linking the social media handle as well so that you can keep yourself refreshed with the most recent contributions. If you are someone who likes to purchase pieces of clothing offline, they have their flagship store in Kolkata.



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