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10 profit making small businesses you can start from home with Rs.20,000 investment:

Nowadays starting your own business is not as difficult or thrilling as it sounds. There are a lot of people who are starting their businesses with minimum investment as low as Rs.20,000. Here are 10 options of business one can think of:

1. Home bakery:

If you have less money to find a place for business, why not start from your home? If you start a home bakery then the investment will me mainly on the ingredients and utensils required to bake and packaging. One can bake cakes, make chocolates or anything else they like. With the right amount of marketing the business can really prosper. The profit depends on the sales.

2. Handcrafted products:

If you are good at making handcrafted items then such sustainable products can be sold from home itself. One would need the materials, depending on the type of handcrafted products one wants to sell. One can start with something simple and sell. Depending on the profit the business can grow.

3. Gift basket:

People love to celebrate, be it a festival or any occasion. Giving and receiving gifts have become an unsaid tradition alongside. Many people like adding a personalised touch by giving gift baskets. This is a very beautiful business idea and requires minimum investment for it.

4. Card making business:

Greeting cards are another profitable and huge selling option. This requires less investment and if you work well then the profits are huge. Once can grow this business easily and this it can be done staying at home only.

5. Fashion boutique:

If you have an interest in fashion then a fashion boutique is your go to business idea. It looks like an expensive idea but it really isn’t. One has to plan step by step to make this work. You can either sell handmade jewellery or collect cloth materials and make their own designs or sell recycled products. The options for this are immense.

6. Social media marketing:

Social media is a part of our everyday life. Before one thinks of this, they have to establish themselves on social media. The options to explore in social media are huge. In the beginning of the business one might have to do a lot of freelancing. But once people know you and you approach clients, you will can hire people and start your business.

7. Dropshipping:

Nowadays since everyone is reliable on online products for their convenience, dropshipping is actually a very profitable idea for business. It is a low risk business idea and does not require a lot of investment either.

8. Handmade candles:

Making handmade candles is one of the best small business idea. The inventory required is less and will cost less too. Making quality candles will mean that one can sell it for a better price. This business won’t require a lot of space and can be started at the comfort of home itself.

9. Tutoring:

Tutoring is a lucrative small business idea. If you have less money to invest in then online tutorials are a good idea as well. Once the business grows then it can be a huge business.

10. Event photographer:

Photography is a hobby for most people but it can be turned into something profitable too. The investment required for this are the camera equipment. One can learn and utilize their skills and earn good money by approaching people for event photography.



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