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5 careers one can opt for after completing a psychology degree

Psychology is the study of the human mind and exploring all the unanswered questions about it. It gives you a chance to analyze a person's behavior, their thoughts. However many roles will be available to you with an undergraduate degree, some more highly specialized roles may require further study. Here are 5 options that you can choose, after completing a psychology degree

1. Psychotherapist

This is one of the first things that you can opt for after completing your degree. A psychotherapist will work with individuals, couples, families, or in a group to help them get over their psychology issues or problems. That includes emotional problems, relationship problems, sometimes stress-related issues, and even addiction. Based on your choice of what you want to specialize in during your degree, you can choose to act as a psychotherapist using several methods. These include cognitive-behavioral methods, psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies

2. Chartered Psychologist

With further more training, you can be a chartered psychologist or opt for this as your profession. In this profession, you’ll work with people of all sorts of backgrounds, both patients and clients. You’ll evaluate behaviors, thoughts, and emotions to better comprehend and instruct on certain actions and/or psychological issues. Being in this profession, you will need to expand your knowledge in other fields such as occupational psychology, educational psychology, sport, and mental health.

3. Counselor

As a counselor, you will have to work especially with the students and need to come to better terms about their lives, through exploring their feelings and emotions. You need to be comfortable with your client, make your client comfortable towards you, listen attentively, have patience and also analyze issues to give them a solution and help them cope up with their situations. Counseling is a form of talking therapy and can include other areas such as rehabilitation, education, mental health, career guidance.

4. Social worker

A social worker is someone who helps people, socially, especially working in an NGO, helping people who are going through a rough phase in life. including groups such as children or the elderly, people with disabilities, and victims of crime and abuse. Their role is to be a safe side for them, support and help them to come out of the trauma.

5. Tutor

After completing a Masters's degree in psychology, you can go for the role of a tutor in academics, instead of a job. This is no less than any job as you'll be able to teach students and this, in turn, will also help you to expand your knowledge about the subject. Further on, you can shift to the o research sector and pursue a doctorate.



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