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Meet the award-winning school teacher who created a unique ‘Maths Lab’ in a humble government school

Yakub S Koyyur has been teaching students for the past 25 years. He says that he has been learning as well as teaching through his educational career. He made a Maths Lab in a government school in Dakshina Kannada district. It is a very unique Maths Lab. His dream is to offer a better and wholesome education system for students.

Yakub S Koyyur

Mathematics is a subject that can make someone cry or make someone fall in love with the subject. Nevertheless, most edtech firms are trying to find ways to make people like the subject. Children in urban areas still have the benefit of the various digital platform but the students of government schools do not have that privilege.

Yakub S Koyyur has won accolades from near and far for his idea and development of a Maths Lab set up in a humble government school at Nada, Belthangady taluk, in Dakshina Kannada district, Karnataka. It was his dream to do something different and help out his students and give them the opportunity to learn in an interesting way.

Yakub was born in Koyyur village in Dakshin Kannada district of Karnataka. Among all his siblings comprising of his two sisters and five brothers, he was the only one who could pursue high school.

He did his BSc from SDM College in the district. After that, he started teaching children at the Local Government High School for about two years. This made him love teaching and wanted to pursue this. He completed his Bachelor’s in Education from Mangalore University with a second rank. He started teaching in 1996 at the Government High School in Nada Village.

Till date he has taught over 4000 students. He likes to make teaching interesting and has his own way to made students learn. He even gives training to new teachers. He makes specialised content for students which can be accessed on his personal blog.

Once he had a dream where he saw a room named Maths Lab which was filled with interesting content and inspirational quotes. He shared this with his students and colleagues and everyone appreciated his idea, but he knew that he needed more time for it.

Then he created groups on Facebook and Whatsapp and connected with his former students. He always wanted to do something unique and for the betterment of students. This felt like the perfect idea to do so. He shared his idea with others and also mentioned that his financial constraints. Within a day he got a lot of support and a total of Rs.3.5 lakh was collected. He got his family’s moral support and the support of his students to actually bring his idea into reality.

He builds the Maths Lab and named it ‘Maths World’. This lab has a 52-inch SmartTV screen that showcases Yakub’s YouTube channel ‘Maths Magic’. His channel has over 400 math-related videos. The lab has a smartboard that has been created by EyeRIS and helps students learn maths easily.

Yakub has received a lot of awards for his work. He has been honoured with the Best District teacher Award in 2016, Best State Teacher Award in 2018 and Teacher Award in 2020.



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