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5 Tips to rock your Virtual Interviews

Virtual Interviews are now a trendy thing and with Covid-19 being in the headlines for a year or so, Virtual interviews are seen through the impressive rise. As companies need to make hiring decisions, during this time, phone and video interviews come into play.

Virtual Interviews are not only just about using technology but these meetings help to eradicate time, cost from hiring, and Job search processes.

After all, you don't need to travel for these, all you need is gathering around the table, switch on your laptop, all of these from the comfort of your house.

Here are the 5 best ways to be successful during your next virtual interview

1. Examine your technology

While sitting for a virtual interview the foremost important thing to make sure is that if you have the proper technology and along with that if your internet access is properly working or not. If the recruiting firm is providing you with some link, make sure that you've downloaded that application on your phone.

Confirm that your camera, as well as your microphone, is working suitably. Make sure that the picture isn't too blurry or grainy, in that scenario get yourself a new mini webcam.

2. Minimize any sort of distraction

Before setting down for any virtual interview it is mandatory to set the scene up. Choose yourself a place with fewer distractions, proper lighting, select a place near the window, or to a wall. Clean up your surrounding space. It is necessary to convince your employer that you have a tidy up place. Before starting, shut down any sorts of noise from traffic or tv. Silent your phone to avoid any disturbance.

3. Maintain a proper body language

Along with expected skills and experience, one thing that is needed to show is your body language and your personality. The main way to show that you are confident is by maintaining proper eye contact, sitting down straight. Keep your focus on the camera while talking and not on the employer's image. Your personality and character traits are of crucial importance and maybe the biggest deciding factors that can move you to the next round of interviews.

4. Prepare yourself well.

Good preparation is the key to a successful interview. Make good research about the company, note down all the important points. Come prepared with the usual interview questions such as

● What makes you interested in this role?

● Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses

● Why are you leaving your current position

● What do you consider to be your biggest professional accomplishment

Don't memorize these answers, instead, write them up and stick them around your computer so that you don't sound over-rehearsed. It is important to keep things simple and clean. Don't give long answers, make sure that your answers are crisp and are to the point.

5. Dressing up properly

No matter if it's a virtual interview or a walk-in one, one should always dress up properly before appearing for an interview. Proper, professional clothing will show how serious you are about the job and the position. Doing so will not only makes you appear professional but also boost up your confidence. A great outfit example is For men, that might be a button-up shirt, blazer, and black pants while women should consider a dress or skirt or button-down shirts with slacks.

These are the few handy tips that you can totally ace in your next virtual interview. Make sure that you are informed, familiar with the conference, prepared and professional. Wishing you all the best for your next interview.



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