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Can online education be equated to conventional classroom education?

Since the pandemic struck, online education became the only option to cope with. It became more of a necessity than a luxury of staying at home and attending classes. While both online education and classroom education have their own pros and cons, it can never replace the traditional classroom education.

Online education can be as good as classroom education or even better in some cases. Some researches show that students learning through online mode of education have performed better than those students learning face-to-face.

Online classes have more flexibility as one can attend classes as well as continue their own chores. The students who receive deadline to submit a work can choose their own time to finish them and submit it within the deadline. In classroom education, one has to attend classes in a strict time and they have to be present in person. While in the class there is no way for a student to do anything else or multitask. So there is often a lack of flexibility there.

Time is very important in everyone’s life. In online mode of education a person can switch from one class to another without wasting any time and can also utilize the time well and multitask. Another benefit is that students do not have to travel and go to their school or colleges. Thus saving more time.

Classroom education has the luxury of face-to-face interactions with others. Some people learn better when they meet their teachers or professors and understand the subject in a better manner. Also, one gets to meet their classmates and have a face-to-face interaction. Online classrooms too allow one to interact with their classmates and teachers but it is not in person.

Self-discipline and motivation is another thing that gets tested in online mode of education. Online classes give students more independence and control over attending their classes and lectures. One can gain from online classes only if they discipline themselves to do so. It is important for a student to give importance to education let it be online or in a classroom.

It is true that online mode of education provides students to get access to more resources than they would normally in a classroom mode of education. One can search for something in a few mins by just searching for it in just a few clicks.

We all know the pros and cons of an online learning mode and a classroom or offline learning mode. But will it be fair to equate it to be equal? Well most experts say that the direct contact between an educator and a student is important in the process of learning. Online learning is time saving and cheaper than offline education. It is more convenient too. But again there is a lack of interaction among the students which happens in a classroom. In fact e-learning can never substitute classroom education.



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