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From a producer to a homechef- Journey of Pracchi Thadani!

"Dedication and motivation helps in striving for perfection".

This line wonderfully depicts the journey of Miss. Pracchi Thadani. She's an entrepreneur and also a producer who has worked on several films and productions and left an everlasting impact to the entertainment industry. In this lockdown, she got good time to cherish something which she loves the most, i.e, food. Her love for food and passion for cooking gave birth to Eat Play Love Food. This venture is the recent talk of the town.

Her venture strives to deliver homemade food delicacies of different cuisines all over the World to the doorstep. She ensures that people should not miss out on the happiness of having good food. When this pandemic of Coronavirus is making people skeptical about ordering food from restaurants, she ensured homemade delicacies to the doorstep, keeping all the safety standards intact. In all the fields, she has worked till date, quality of work and talent preaches her place and thus, she believes that quality assurance is a major responsibility of this venture of hers as well.

Pracchi has already startled everyone with her Art of creation both in Los Angeles and Mumbai. Now it's time for Mumbai to experience the art of creation in form of her culinary skills. She wins to bring all the different cuisines of the World under the same canopy. From a wide range of veg and non veg options, from weekly special menus till lip-smacking desserts, everything is a part of her menu.

For her promise of quality assurance, she maintains all safety standards as well as, uses the same ingredients which are used to cook at home. Promising a food affair with no added preservatives.

If you miss moving out or the relishing dining experience or you're away from your family and miss your home cooked food, then feel free to order from "Eat.Play.Love.Food".

Currently she is taking up orders over call or her instagram so, don't miss out checking her instagram profile for more update.



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