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Redefining Loungewear with Fluer And Fiji

When I hear the word "Loungewear"the first thing that pops into my mind is comfort. Raise your hand if you also think that fashion should be synonymous with comfort. Today I will be introducing you to a brand which is comfortable, fuss free and can be the perfect definition as " Second Skin".

Presenting Fluer And Fiji, your one stop destination to comfort, fun, style and inclusivity.

Everytime you come across a garment with a timeless cut and durable fabric from their collection, it will make you wonder how your loungewear can also become your workwear (#workfromhomescenes). Loungewear pieces from the brand are reminiscent of the feeling of your favorite vintage wears; each piece has a similar comfort and unfailing silhouette. This invigorating brand still manages to bring something fresh to vacation-inspired aesthetics.

Whether it’s with their lounge pants or other dresses (equipped with voluminously wide sleeves/functional pointers for ultimate comfort), coziness, quality, and style are central to this brand.

The brand also firmly believes that every outfit should not just be worn once but should become a part of your statement and identity.

Take a look at some of my favourites from their website below:

I personally love their Yin and Yang set OG set for men. I can't wait to order these two for gifting my loved ones for this new year specials.

Honestly, apart from their product quality, designs and customer satisfaction clauses, I love the affordability of the products. The brand firmly stands on the ground of affordable luxury to be precise.

I am quoting something from their website that I absolutely loved below-

"Make yourself feel so comfortable as if you're on vacation all the time so all you have to do is wear Fleur and Fiji, sit back and relax!"

So are you ready to slay with comfort?

Order your favourite pieces now. Stay tuned to my next article about the detailed interview of the wonderful women of influence behind the brand.

I have linked the website & the social media handle so that you can keep yourself updated with the latest offerings.

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