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How baby care and kidswear brands are scaling up by marketing to the Millennial Parents in India?

The idea of entrepreneurship has changed drastically over the last few years. The pandemic had a drastic effect on different scale businesses, but, on the positive side, it has also helped many brands to use this time to start with something new and innovative. The main idea behind this article is to put some light on the current insight of how different startup and big scale companies have emerged over the previous time. If I take a closer look at this graph, I would surely see great growth and a market gap in Kid's or Baby care products & resources. For the last 1 year, I have interviewed many brands based in India and have seen that Parenting has changed a lot with Millennial parents and this increase in awareness about parenting is helping several Entrepreneurs to venture into their startups or big scale companies.

The number of baby care product brands has almost doubled from 2019-2021. The projected growth rate is over 17%-21% till 2021 which includes diapers, powders, lotions, wipes, and a lot more. The major reason for this striking growth can be: Working Mothers, Nuclear Families, Covid, Increasing Disposable income, Increased awareness, Increased knowledge about Parenting, Internet, Online Retailing, and even AI.

We can assume that at a pace like this, the Indian economy can grow by 60%-70%. This as well promotes the idea of "Vocal For Local" in India to boost the idea about startups. Also, the birthrate of India directly affects the growth of this particular market gap as around 2 crore children are born every year in India. Even if you take a look at the market for kidswear in India, you can notice that it has traversed a long trajectory in the World of evolving fashion. The changes in the structure and composition of Indian Families have also been one of the major catalysts for this growth. Millennial Parents and social media have a different bond altogether. Social media's effect on Millennial parents has been bolstering the aspirations of progressive parents. This entire penetration of "Millennial Parents and Social Media" has helped the entire segment with impetus.

Now let's take a look at some brands in India, which have scaled up in recent times and understand their business module closely.

Also, I have hyperlinked all the interviews of these founders for more details on the brand.


Founded in 2016, MamaEarth is already a huge name in baby care products. It is the brainchild of the husband-wife duo, Varun and Ghazal Alagh. They are considered as the MadeSafe Certified brand that started with an aim to make parenting stress-free to Millennial Parents. Provides 100% natural, International standard skincare, toxin-free, baby care, and hair care products. Another very interesting aspect of this brand would be that everything right from baby food to baby accessories to baby cosmetics are under the same single canopy. Their collection comprises cleansers, massage oils, powder, mosquito roll-on, and a lot more!

You will be amazed to know that they are the first FMCG company whose revenue model is based on customers through D2C platforms {like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.} and offline stores. MamaEarth has also raised a funding of $23.3 million funding raised on 7 January 2020 from the Series B round.


The next one on our list is a brand that caters both to the mother and infant needs. Founded by an Indian Entrepreneur, Naresh Khatar to bring premium quality baby care products at the best price possible to reach the potential clientele. With over 400+ products for an infant {0-3} and mothers, this brand has scientifically developed and conforms to international safety and quality standards. Their products comprise bubble baths, bathtubs, travel gear, pillows, etc.

Aneesha Khatar, The brand custodian of MeeMee said," Our brand aims to help parents enjoy the join of parenting and in this journey, I want them as a friend and a companion. The new logo embarks a new era for the brand as we are planning to introduce several innovations and advanced baby care products for mothers and their kids. We plan to project a different mindset to Millennial Parents about parenting. Our current motive about marketing and branding depends upon the connection of Millennial Parents and Social Media."

Gauri And Nainika

A wonderful kids apparel brand with 10 years + experience in designing, founded by Gauri and Nainika Karan is one of the best kidswear brands to look up to in India. The brand is famous and applauded for glamorous, elegant, and chic clothing. The sister's duo has worked hard immensely on their designs to attract the Indian market, keeping the pricing aspect in mind. Even their collection with Kidology ( a luxury kidswear brand) is a super hit.


PepPlay is the brainchild of Minali Agarwal, which she has started during the pandemic. Being a mother herself, she understood a market gap in educational toys that went to the start of this amazing startup. Her startup encourages kids to play and also helps kids to learn more and become innovative. Some of the bestseller items include Silky Washable crayons, Liquid chalk markers, Washable finger paints, Mosaic paints, and doodle stickers, Activity mats, and planner and velvet coloring cards. The brand aims to pioneer the idea of learning through educational toys in India. Also, the desired audience or clientele comprises Millennial parents who are willing to bring forth changes in the primitive ways of parenting and learning. She, being a millennial parent herself understands the millennial parent's values and ideologies, which helps her to serve her clientele with all her promises.


A luxury kidswear brand that started in Delhi by the sister's duo, Esha Chadha and Ghazal Elwadi in the year 2020, to bring stylish, comfortable, and premium quality exclusive luxury children clothing. As a mother, the designers understand the importance of comfort in the outfits that they design for their kids. Hoitymoppet brings to you their unique collections along with accessories and coordinated headdresses. The fabric quality and uniqueness of the design are remarkable. One of their amazing collections is the "Candy Floss", which resembles the candyfloss and looks extremely adorable. Worldwide shipping is available.

Teeni's Kidswear

Mansi Agarwal, the mother of two, started with her venture called Teeni's Kidswear to make affordable kidswear option. Their prices range from 2500/- till 8000/- roughly! Her zigzag anarkali is one of the bestsellers. She understands millennial parents' values and thus tries to inculcate the best possible designs that would attract them. You can also get mother-daughter or family matching outfits done from her as well. The brand ambassadors of this brand are the kids of the founder itself. She firmly takes the feedback of her kids while designing her outfit and launching the product.

"I don't design clothes, I design dreams", says Mansi Agarwal, founder of Teeni's Kidswear.

A Toddler's Thing

A baby care product brand for modern parents which promotes sustainability. They deal with Muslin essentials, cloth diapers, and bedding sets. Based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, they are aware of millennial parents' mistakes of using harmful plastic diapers for their kids, which led to this brand to start!

Ashwant Suresh Babu and Swathi Sri Aravind started A Toddler's Thing in December 2017. They are presently available on 10 online platforms like BabyChakra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc., and are available across 50+ retail stores in Coimbatore, Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

Cradle & Maa

Rachit and Priya Parikh founded Cradle & Maa, a brand dealing with extremely durable, child-friendly & Eco-friendly furniture. The primary motive is to deliver premium quality products to one's doorsteps. They make cots, feeding chairs, shelves, essential nursery furniture, baby flat sheets, baby quilt, head shaping cushions, and Chesters. A year-old brand has targeted over 200+ clients all over the country using the market gap at its best.

They also provide online and offline consultations to millennial parents on how one can design the baby room from a normal room with some rich furnishings. They have wide customization options which would make someone fall in love with this brand even more!

They are ensuring a safe childcare environment in India through their venture and renovating the lives of several millennial parents.

I hope this article brings clarity to the potential that this particular field is having in the future. The urban population is very open to such kinds of experimentation which gives a huge boost to this industry. If you look closely, you can see the metamorphism happening in the baby care and kidswear world. Also keeping in mind the increase of pollution, sustainable products and brands should always be on our priority list.

What are your views about the same?

Did you ever try any of the products mentioned above?

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