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How social entrepreneurship can be the upcoming career option?

Is social entrepreneurship the upcoming career option? First let’s understand what social entrepreneurship means?

The simplest way to understand social entrepreneurship is that this includes doing business for a social cause. Social entrepreneurship can be started by an individual, a group of people, a company or any entrepreneur. It includes taking care of social, cultural, environmental issues. The aim is to make the society a better place and bring a change. It analyses the different societal and other community-based problems and give practical solutions.

The difference between and entrepreneur and a social entrepreneur is that, for an entrepreneur profits of the business or company is of utmost importance. But for a social entrepreneur, the main motive is to work for social causes.

People often think that social entrepreneurship has to be a non-profit organisation. Well that’s not true. It can of course be profitable too.

Social entrepreneurship can be a prominent career option nowadays. It can help for the betterment of the society as well as be profitable.

It would be wrong to say that this is a new or trendy career option, as actually this has been there for years now. People have been a social entrepreneur but the awareness was bare minimum. Nowadays more and more people are acknowledged about this.

There are a bunch of options one can choose and become a social entrepreneur. One can make products or introduce systems to give practical solutions to social issues.

The first step to become a social entrepreneur is to choose a particular social problem and how one can help and give solutions to that. It is a risky business and it is important to have the agenda clear in the beginning and have a proper plan.

After getting these things right one the next step is to achieve these goals.

There are a lot of people who are opting for social entrepreneurship and doing a great work through it. They are helping people and making a change in the society. If it’s a profit bases company then it is offering employment to people too.

Aravind Eye Hospital & Aurolab- They are making medical technology and health care service which are accessible and affordable to people. It is a financially self-sustaining trust.

Bill Drayton- Bill Drayton is recognized as one of the pioneering social entrepreneurs of all time. Ashoka: Innovators for the public founded in 1981 gives a multifaceted approach to finding social solutions globally.

Urvashi Sahni- She is one of the best social entrepreneurs of India. She is the founder and CEO of SHEF. It is an organisation dedicated to offer education to disadvantage and underprivileged girls in India.

Vina Lustado- Founder of Sol Haus Design is a firm that specializes in sustainable building.



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