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Presenting you the heavenly bliss of Nirvana Chocolates!

This article is for everyone- Be it a chocolate lover or a non-chocolate lover. Recently, I got connected with Nirvana Chocolates, a brand which is successfully delivering happiness amidst this lockdown.

Nirvana chocolates is a brainchild of Mr. Mitesh Shah. He is also a successful founder of a Diamond venture, running for 13 years and a man who is very passionate about work and startups. He was born in Surat and completed his MBA from London and is now residing in Belgium for the last 15 years. He loves building things from scratch and giving it a shape. He has worked immensely hard to maintain their brand and serve happiness through their range of Belgium chocolates under the brand of Nirvana Chocolates at the best possible price.

Now, let’s go into the conversation with Mr. Mitesh

1. We are really very happy to have you for this interview. So, how did you name it ‘Nirvana’?

‘Nirvana’ means Heaven.

“We guarantee all our customers a heavenly experience like never before. It’s pure taste of bliss to be precise. We would recommend everyone to order and try it to experience this heavenly affair.”

2. What do you feel is the USP of your brand, something which adds different avenue to your brand?

“One of the major factors is that all our chocolates are from Belgium. As we all know, Belgium is famous for World famous chocolate products. We even deliver these products at a very reasonable rate. The pricing starts from Rs.350 upto Rs.600. The Belgium chocolates are not just food item but a piece of art instead. Our chocolates are thin and shaped in form of chips. We have options for both chocolate and non-chocolate lovers.”

3. How do you feel that these chocolates are taking over the entire market?

“As we all know, Belgium chocolates are very pricey but we have made sure to keep the pricing as affordable as possible. This has helped us to reach to more and more clients.”

4. As your business is mostly online, how do you feel social media has helped you with the spurge of business?

“This is indeed very helpful. It has helped us to reach out to more and more people. It has helped us to reach more to our consumers as well as it gives people a wider view about our brand.”

5. This sounds so interesting, please tell me more about the products and variants your brand deals with.

“We deliver the thinnest and crispiest razor thin chocolate wafers. We also deliver the best Belgium truffle ever introduced to theIndian market. Also, we cater to individual niche according to people’s taste ranging from white chocolates to 85% Dark Arabia chocolate.”

6. We all know that this pandemic of Coronavirus is effecting every business to the core, how are you guys adjusting with this change?

“Chocolates give people happiness and especially during this lockdown we feel people need it more to get through this tough phase in a better way. We are able to spread happiness through our chocolates during this pandemic. Therefore, we are happy and feel that for our business. Coronavirus was more of a boon than a bane for us.

7. Any point of advice you would like to give to the young entrepreneurs?

“Something which we believe a lot is following one’s passion. Keep balancing smart and hard work without worrying about the result. You’ll either succeed or get a lesson, which will help you ahead in life.”

8. One must try product from your brand?

“All the products are really close to me so, handpicking one is really a hard task. Still, we would recommend the readers to try out the gourmet products for a heavenly experience.”

It was an awesome experience interviewing Mr. Mitesh Shah. I can’t wait to order their range of chocolates and indulge in the guilty pleasures. What are you waiting for, order now!



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