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Roundumbrella Co:

In India, a lot of start-ups are taking a risk and launching something unique and creative and making it a success. Roundumbrella Co started their venture to do something creative for kids and bring design thinking with creative games. Shivani and Mohit Saini started this venture in 2018. It is an ed-design start-up with a goal to include design thinking in K12 education as well as games and toys so that it is beneficial for growing kids. Their goal is to give children a different experience and make learning interesting and out of the box and teach empathy to children.

An engineering student turned into an entrepreneur, Shivani learnt product designing and pursued a career in the corporate world before setting up this start-up. In 2018, Shivani quit her job and started pursuing her interest and passion in creating a language less boundary for kids. She started visiting schools and interacting with kids to understand their world and what would work for them and help them be prepared to face this challenging world.

Both Shivani and Mohit Saini together started this venture. They started off with a team of seven people and now they are distributing globally and reaching out to more and more people.

They came up with an interesting game named ‘Bulby for Kids’. It is a thought-provoking light and shadow game that helps children to enhance their creative side. It is based on the fundamentals of making novel combinations. The founders developed this game keeping in mind that children need to play indoor as well as outdoor games. Hence they can play this game anywhere and learn to combine different object, concepts and even scenarios to complete the game and make something novel.

According to Shivani, children learn and get educated at home as well as from their teachers. It is important to use innovation and technology in today’s world to build a better guidance system for them and to improve the quality of learning they receive. There can be an improvement in the standardised role of the teacher via standard video lectures, scalable online content and creating access.

There are many challenges when it comes to education. Children should be prepared to deal with the rapid change in this world and the uncertain future they are heading towards. They are supposed to grid up their loins for the future. Till the age of 10 children are just grasping things and it is extremely important to guide them towards a secured path where they can combat different situations on their own.

Children should go be taught in a way where they get to solve real-life problems in order to help them approach and analyse a problem. This will help them learn in a much better way. A design thinking pedagogy builds such a mindset in kids.

The ed-design start-up is going to complete a range of four games as its initial design is being offered and distributed in many schools. Their plan is to reach out to about one lakh students in the next 18 months, through workshops and toys they design. All their products are boundless, diverse and create a sense of equality and inclusion among children.


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