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Why should career counselling be mandatory for every school and colleges in India

Career counselling is advice related to career which is given by career counsellors to their clients. Career counselling is more than helping you decide on a major or job you want to do. It helps you understand yourself and know what suits you better in terms of building your future. It makes us aware about our strengths and weaknesses and helps is choose our career path accordingly.

Career counselling is something every student should go through. It helps one choose a better future option instead of regretting about our career option later.

The reasons why it should be mandatory in schools and colleges is:

1. Career counselling sessions in schools and colleges will help the students get more clarity about the different career options available nowadays.

2. It will help them know their strengths and weaknesses. This will help them focus in the right direction and make better career choices.

3. It helps the parents understand their child as well.

4. It lowers the pressure a student has to face in their lives. Going through a proper aptitude test and getting advice from a career counsellor will boost a positivity in students. It will also make them more aware of the options which are better suited for them.

5. Making career counselling mandatory will make schools and colleges more structured and helps them focus on the personal growth of an individual student.

6. The main agenda of a career counsellor is to guide the students and give career options according to their skills and job expectations.

Every individual has certain skills, likings or interests. It helps one know the possible career options which are best suited for them. Career counselling helps one make wise career choices and hence making it mandatory in schools and colleges would be good for every individual.



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